Are We Still Here?

by idXed

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released December 21, 2012




idXed Albuquerque, New Mexico

Acoustichaos Forest Punk vs. Psychegrind Doomind

idXed // Idea Defined is a solo project based solely out of mind. Taking influence from trips to dreams, grind to trip hop, from poetry to paintings and noise to ambiance its aim is to be as free of form as it is strange in style. ... more

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Track Name: Capped Infinity
you don't need to
convince yourself
that it's easy
just don't forget
that it's possible
Track Name: Undermine
I'm sick of being afraid of my mind
I'm tired of running through all these dreams of mine

at seven I cowered from demons upside down
at fourteen I gave up on trying to rebound
for twenty one years I ran from myself
but now every dream is just another brick cleared from the cell

follow panther into the nexus
she'll lead you through the night
don't be afraid of what we all harbor
embrace the void inside

don't be afraid
you're never really alone
I'll see you again on the other side
after we've both grown to be whole
Track Name: X Thru Z's
Brutus loose vein and genetic mustache Jawn
met Pharmathematician Pat and just sat back
talking lower level triangles
in linoleum-laced kitchen flats

pale as white lines sprawled across
ghost-like reflections of the face
restricted to the limits
of pseudo-hospital screenings

masking the odor of decay
beneath aluminum-stained bays
suffocating airwaves
so nothing penetrates or ventilates

lost within a culture of transgression
that digressed from itself
into darker subcultures
and deeper realms of Hell

a victim numb with no escape
lies vacant in the needle's eye
suspicious of alleged glitches
riddled with indifference

it's building up
useless is this infinite bliss
at the expense of existence
none are more blind
than those who claim no vice
in their life
Track Name: Brown Thrasher
pointed fingers trigger collapse of our smash functions
as our fully automatic manic curses his own freedom
long enough to swear that it's just a bunch of bullshit anyway

but Georgia
your sunrises over fog-covered cotton eyes
and you got me thinking about escaping
through yer pines to Sarasota

tempers in tandem thrown at random
tantrums bouncing back and forth between
raging inferno and cold trickle
with ripples radiating from
puddles to tidal waves
two pupils engaged in the sport of unfun

and although nothing is perfect
parables are still spit as stones thrown
before those on the receiving end
can mend undamaged parts
an argument flawed from the start

Theory of Everything whispered on deaf ears
unheard by personal earthworms

spoken softly to a mind unable to intellectualize
forced upon a body incapable of deciphering
the feeling
the message
I'm left
a mess again

the process
of acceptance
has come to
an end
at last

morning pines fly across my eyes at 85
we're leaving that peace behind
trading old and used for uncomfortably new
but only in day dreams
think I'll find something else
cause this fantasy just aint fit for reality

oh Georgia
as your sun sets behind sleepy cotton eyes
you'll have me dreaming about escape tonight
through yer pines to Sarasota
Track Name: iDIY
D.I.Y. - what does it mean?
don't imprison yourself in dependency
there may be comfort in numbers but that's not what we need

if we set up our own shows and release our own music
what else could we do if we put our minds to it?
if we focused on solutions and not only problems
we'd be free to chase dreams, so let's just fucking solve em

it all started with a record that no one ever heard
a series of bad ideas lost to a steep learning curve
from four tracks in bathrooms to digital unlimited
in pro home studios from Oak's dad's basement
Karlos helped us with shows, then we hit the road
with patches and shirts and albums of our own
Lupe made us some screens, Chris recorded us for free
if it weren't for all of you, I don't know who I'd be

do it yourself - don't mean you can't accept help
cause nobody knows everything - a lesson high held

in the eyes of experience, hey we all make mistakes
why not save yerself the pain and learn from ones already made
but if you gotta be a hero and learn it for yourself
just remember to remember it for everybody else
and if you get stuck sipping poison
it's just another lesson learned that could've been avoided
but choose what you will and do what you do
if I'm gonna drink that brainkill, I'm gonna brew it too

and if I ever get sick from eating out of the trash
I won't take any toxic FDA approved crap
I'll just wander through the woods foraging for a cure
and treat the cause, not the symptoms to fix the issue at its core

I'll even grow the herbs myself just to be released
from the death grip of corporate ideology
the ones we're taught to trust are slowly killing all of us
with mercury in our teeth and bad recipes

chem trails scar clear skies, fluoride shuts down our minds
chlorine-filled tap water blinds us and dries us
there are too many lies and only one escape
we gotta drop out to find out before it's too late

my dream is to fill in the blanks
sign on the dotted line of a ten acre deed
and build a home for my families of blood and idea

a place where I'm free to do as I please
without all the bindings of bureaucracy
I'll build a home out of refuse without building codes
have fests when it's warm, drink homebrew in the cold

I'll be my own doctor and grow my own food
selling off the excess when taxes are due
I'll collect water from the rain and filter it myself
use the wind and the sun to power electric cells

well, if I gotta work it'll be towards release
from the circular systems of machine forgery
I love Dystopia, but I don't wanna be
a cancer bleeding this planet of the things we all need

there's balance to be achieve I hope I find it instead
of more nails in my coffin - more for my homestead
I just wanna live in the woods and not have to pay rent
I don't mind hard work
it's this indentured servitude that I can't stand!