Forest Punk Just For Fun

by idXed

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These songs are the result of an experiment a friend told me about while working on an ecovillage up in northeastern Missouri. The project was to try and write a song a day for a month.

It helped me blast through creative blocks, rewire how I thought about writing and recording music and most of all gave me something 'productive' to do with all my free time.

It was fun and fruitful and I'd recommend it to anyone who has interest in letting their mind and spirit wander.


released July 14, 2013

thanks to Adri for backup vocals on some of these here tracks




idXed Albuquerque, New Mexico

Acoustichaos Forest Punk vs. Psychegrind Doomind

idXed // Idea Defined is a solo project based solely out of mind. Taking influence from trips to dreams, grind to trip hop, from poetry to paintings and noise to ambiance its aim is to be as free of form as it is strange in style. ... more

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Track Name: Joy Ride
dont ya worry friend it will be ok
tomorrow will be a better day
what yer feeling soon will pass
nothing in life forever lasts
keep yer head up and wait, wait for the sun
this storm in yer brain is almost done
when yer down and out keep dreaming about
better days, better days

wait for the clouds to clear
and ride the storm out
keep your head up
you'll never be let down

ride the storm out
keep dreaming about
better days
then open yer eyes
Track Name: Notebooks
no you can't search my bag
it's full of tricks this life demands
pen and pad, maps and dreams
you change yer locks while I dry my ink

nothing to hide but this life is mine
no reason for you to pry
I am the brother who disagreed
with everything they told me
Track Name: Blister Fits
if I ever had a story to share with you
it'd be about wearing out the soles of my shoes
and sleeping under trees not praying for rain
just waiting on a ride, yeah waiting all day

the midwests alright when ya got nowhere to go
and the south helps ya move right along that road
but it's the people ya meet just outside of town
that never stop to ask you why yer hanging around

arrows welcoming

hiding in the woods druid played his guitar
he spoke about the mounds, how they aligned with the stars
and the power of his river beyond its divide
he armed me with wisdom and gave me my last ride

12 long hours and 50 miles gone
I finally made it up to where I was headed all along
I drank like a fish, threw the river at stones
then passed out in someones car all alone
I woke up and saw some chick pissing on cars
Track Name: Where's the Bean?
I'm spoiling my appetite, she's been on my phone all night
we're cooking short grain brown rice

I don't need no recipe
controlling my creativity
I've made a million meals before
most of which were edible

and I don't want no measuring cup
to tell me when enoughs enough
I prefer to experiment
in my kitchen

I'm spoiling my appetite, she's been on my phone all night
we're cooking short grain brown rice

a pinch of love, a tablespoon of care
I'm in no rush, why don't ya get outta here?
I'll add just enough of all the right stuff
what were you thinking mixing those things up?

where's my list and what's the time?
make sure the onions are caramelized
preheat the oven to 350
and set up that movie, it's almost time to eat

he ate way too fast, but I'ma offer him the rest
we're digesting short grain brown rice
Track Name: It's Alrighty
when I was young I dreamt of growing up
then at eighteen people told me it would suck
but here I am now living my life
older and odder
and more enticed
Track Name: the Sensationalist
have ya heard the news?
yeah, it's getting pretty bad
sure the world is still spinning
but everybodys gone mad
unemployment is high
and crime is on the rise
do we even stand a chance?
man I can't decide

have ya seen the news?
all the experts agree
that we're well on our way
into world war three
there's talk of a draft
but they took all our guns
and they bought all the ammo
ya think they're coming for us?

we will never know what tomorrow holds
so just let go...

do ya even believe the news?
they say we gotta be on alert
cause everyones a suspect
yeah, everybody on earth
and when I hear the whispers
I listen to every bit
then pray on my knees
for zombie apocalypse
Track Name: Bum Jug Wino
hobo hooch, bum wine
pass it around one more time
if ya got a bottle of yer own
set it down next to mine

hobo hooch, bum wine
pass it around one more time
home brew is what I do
and this batch is 30 proof
bottled on my birthday
a whole gallon of booze
alone for the holidays
what else is there to do?

hobo hooch, bum wine
pass it around one more time
until we're warm and it's all gone
I'm singing the same song
Track Name: Coffee Song
if I drink more coffee now
I'll probably crash later
but it doesn't matter
cause I really need to wake up
and drain away, another day for 40 bucks
so tomorrow I can buy myself another cup

drink up to speed up
cause time waits for no chump

punch in
thoughts stop
is the job

there just aren't enough hours in a day
not enough anything to keep me engaged
chasing someone elses dream for minimum wage
when the moneys gone, will mine remain?

blood shot
mind numb
and my shift
hasn't even begun...
Track Name: Nothing Makes Sense
the absence makes sense
the absence of tracks
carries me into nothing
Track Name: Lame Fade
air and energy drained
it's getting expensive and annoying
ruining the ride that I'd rather be enjoying

but a blank page in this train's trash
brought me back through the crush of the rush

now she's screaming like a cat in heat
but I don't mind it this time
louder than the engine's grind
more soothing than music
more fun than crime
Track Name: Like Clockwork
coast downtown
catch the northbound
see the same face
and share the same space
race the sun's move
347 at 7:02
wave coyote down
on the southbound

tumbleweed retreats
pedals pumping
pumping sore feet
sun burned and sand whipped
wake up and relive the trip
Track Name: One Way
scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
but I'm putting in more than you can afford
so what do we do when the system fails?
I don't know about you, but I set sail

caught in a lie, I smiled and wondered
"why should I ever have to cower?"
you pulled the trigger in an attempt to decipher
my passion, my life but freedom is the answer
Track Name: Let Us Eat Cake
we snuck in to swim
and left with a slice
of the nice life
the salt and the swell
the manager's yell
the thrill of it all
is what I'm here to tell...

throw away the locks and break the bolts
feed us all until we're full
give us the codes and the keys
if the pantry is closed it's thievery
if the gate won't budge we'll climb above
and crawl below, you'll never know
when your stash is gone the crumbs won't lead
to anyone or anything

let us eat!
Track Name: the Little Penguin
soak the milestone
in plastic hotels and mid-grade wine
about the plot as it unfolds

as I go turning tricks
through boardwalking trips
in my tiny metal car
collecting rent and breaking hearts
the plan falls apart
my scheme is brought to light
and the party starts to end
guess I'll sleep alone tonight..
Track Name: Infringe Upon
they killed artichoke
for being too punk
they don't know what they've done
the war has just begun

pirates from sea to webs
now we are in your head
Track Name: M.I.
you nailed your memories
through the bark of a tree
in the forest where hatred reigned supreme

it disguised itself as love and came to deconstruct
a stranger's shrine in sober rage
action is blind and I was drunk on ignorance

I never meant to make you cry
when I destroyed what was left
of your gone love - your only son
I only knew of projection

I listened to your pain
and cursed myself through clenched teeth
and promised never to be so bold
in my arrogance
Track Name: Infinite Repeat
play that song one more time again
and put that record back in its spin
cause I can't get enough
and now it is stuck in my head
turn it up!

I know you are sick of it
but I'm still loving this
so while you whine and moan
I'll put on headphones
Track Name: Count Virago
learned to ride all alone
sold everything to move on
spent three weeks on the road
camping out and growing old

Coronado taught me how to overcome
the west showed what desolate dreams become
a cold bock in Texas helped me understand
a San Antonio sanctuary took me in
then I met up with a friend in Houston
spent the night catching up then took off again

rode up north to St. Louis
the chained popped and almost killed me
I met a man who really helped me out
he showed me trust is what it's all about

my uncle mapped out my last route
I camped unannounced under fog clouds
on my way down to the Missouri pond
Count Virago counted down..
Track Name: Bagel Breath
shopping for the best deal
trying to find a free meal
I dove head first
down into that old steel
mountains of bagels
fresh out the back door
waiting to be picked
like autumn orchards

pogs and hockey sticks
cookie cakes and produce
books and mason jars
framed art and notebooks
one man's trash
is my golden ticket
to a free lunch
living off the excess

produce to consume
but waste is all we do
Track Name: Glass Grenades
black cat come cross my crooked finger's path
my head is on fire and I dont know where I'm at
top the mountain, but I can't peak the crown
as our ink dries we oughta paddle out
before bird shit vows we can have tea at two
and when we finally quench our thirst, we can howl at the moon

but the more I take, the more sense it all makes
king of all molecules what the fuck have you done to my brain?
every sip drips a puzzle piece twist
now I am the master of your jedi mind tricks
Track Name: What's Yer AIM?
met you on the train on my way to a show
we traded numbers on flyers as the doors closed

thought that I scored, but more was in store
instant messages sent confused sentences
to a mind withdrawn from a line not drawn
an avalanche of antics formed the plot's the pawn

photography was yours and music was mine
the nexus formed itself at the starting line
but false flags and an uncertain intent
had us running laps backwards before the race began

I met yer friends and yer mom and yer dad
smiled for the camera and shook hands
then dragged off as an idiot accomplice
to a childish crime left unaccomplished

the odd man out at a stranger's prom
"just for fun" became "world's lamest date"
I called it quits but it was too late
Track Name: Action Nothing
I looked all over for an answer but found nothing different
except opinions and advice aimed at shaping my decisions
I listened to everybody's thoughts on the risks of such an action
but hoped to be persuaded into achieving satisfaction

I had a chance to sleep in motion living my life's dream
but passed it up for another night of scoping out the streets
an hour later another opportunity called out to me
then fifty million more while I laid out thinking of the infinite possibilities

the world slowed down for me
but I didn't do anything

I just sat back and had another drink
wishing for a different reality
from the bench under the tree
to the center of the city
where all our paths meet
I just watched and walked
up to the edge only to step back
and get caught up in my head

action nothing
it was all just thought
though I had the chance
to break it all up
I just sat back
nothing held me but my own fear
of giving up ownership
of what I can never own
I'm growing old, so now's the time
to get in line and learn to see
there's no such thing as certainty...
Track Name: Dirty Clippers & Shirt Rippers
the weirdest things come to mind
while I stare into the space outside
my bedroom window

the mountain is there, it hasn't moved
the seasons come and are gone soon
like cycles my thoughts they follow suit
and wander the hills in search of food

charity versus fasting
you give in times of plenty
otherwise you can't survive
and your life force quickly empties

borrowed was the first mistake
and passive was the last
combustion for these rusted parts
I paid too much in advance

mob versus the herd
where nothing is absurd
except the grain against the board
his argument quickly meets the floor

from the neck down to the knees
ride the collar of your enemies
stretched and strained well I'm out of place
but thanks for letting me get away

the mountain is there, it hasn't moved
the seasons come and are gone soon
like cycles my thoughts they follow suit
and wander the hills in search of food
Track Name: Belen & Back
wanna go for a ride, can't stay locked up inside
gonna have to bleed these demons dry
searching for a cooler tide

go where nobody knows me
gotta go and pierce that screen
tear a hole in the sky
and wait for the next storm to rise
Track Name: Left Over Time
I'm sick of work
I wanna sleep
and catch up with my fucking dreams

can't I afford
just a little more

of my life, and yes it's mine
I'm gonna break away this time
from bosses, rent, fees and fines
I'm gonna take back what is mine

fuck a job
and gridlock
and being taxed

fuck profit hogs
and hour logs
and the clock
Track Name: Hindsight 20/20
look back, but don't laugh
it all made sense in the past
who knew it wouldn't last?
and though it's never lost
what's done is done for the best

burnt like old forts
stashed like banned books
free eternally
through the memory
of who we used to be
free from the disguise
broken down
and built back better now
Track Name: Beer Pocket
adapt to circumstance
fluidity is the key
when in doubt, just look around
learn how not to speak about
right here, right now
it's already gone somehow
you've missed the moment
for another frozen ocean

and when I see you
I know I see myself too
and when you're not there
I become atmosphere
shapeless and nameless
until I reflect
on the very nature
of this existence
and for that instant
I completely forget
and all the details
become irrelevant

adapt to circumstance
fluidity is the key
when in doubt, just look around
learn how not to speak about
right here, right now
it's already gone somehow
you've missed the moment
for another frozen ocean

the river flows through
my fingertips
I hardly know you
as all boundaries slip
and I lose me
for infinity
but return by waves
back to sand and cave

and when I see you
I know I see myself too
and when you're not here
I just disappear

- -- --- -- -

can't sit still, I wanna live life
like the chaos that rages deep inside
one thing to the next, it's never the same
static is death, dynamics my name

all encompassing is this thing
that keeps me a stranger to sleep
rolling and running and writing awake
gonna burn this body and mind away

cause it's all that I got
nothing's guarenteed when ya live the dream
except a done end when ya old and bored
looking back but never keeping score