Without Tempo

by idXed

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Without Tempo is a short and sorta spastic flow of acoustic-esque jams mashed together with first time attempts at new styles and instruments while holding on to the super-saturated metaphors and confusing slurs splattered across a crooked canvas - an album with no concept of tempo.


released February 5, 2012




idXed Albuquerque, New Mexico

Acoustichaos Forest Punk vs. Psychegrind Doomind

idXed // Idea Defined is a solo project based solely out of mind. Taking influence from trips to dreams, grind to trip hop, from poetry to paintings and noise to ambiance its aim is to be as free of form as it is strange in style. ... more

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Track Name: Denaturing Edge
two pyramids skewed perception at fault follow dotted lines along a painted wall from apex to depth, chair to bed one may leave a body but never the head suffocate to isolate a journey for cover impossible when applied to ever discover suffocate don't relocate let matter sink down to the lowest from the fry fuel the cycle round and round swim through a sea of glass shattered and scarred only to return to the cave from which all things are
Track Name: Hooves
my basement leaks even when it doesn't rain so i often find myself drowning in all my complaints i don't wanna write and i don't wanna read can't force myself to focus on anything i don't wanna listen to the same old songs but I’m not about to sit in silence just because and now it's too late to play with powertools even if it wasn't i wouldn't wanna choose to cause boredom dies hard when you got no drive it creeps through my blood and down my spine telling me to stay awake just because i wanna watch some south park tonight and in between commercials I’ll flip to 23 to watch hollywood reenact chicago's history when everyone was a rat, a thug or pig as i become all three while stuffing my face with chips drinking beer on a couch with apathy I’ll just sit and laugh when the track hits if the future isn't on tonight I’ll never see the consequences of my inaction boredom dies quick when you know what you want yer mind is like the path carved through water by rock it finds the fastest route from point A to B if yer spirit won't move, move yer body
Track Name: No More
you have an intellect I've always revered fearless in navigation to uncharted spheres where no light guides yer steps unheard into battles beyond our seeming absurd deeper and darker and stiller yet to storms in garages from dreams of basements it's plain to see why these fossils leak when we confront this wall every other week we have walked down this hallway before and led ourselves through different doors traps were planted but we were given the maps and knew which ones would try to hold us back whether busting them in or picking the locks we knew the keys weren't under fake rocks so why do you look where you know they can't be then give up the search and numb yerself to sleep...
Track Name: Bars
one day you will understand it all and equate existence with all of its flaws liberate yerself and transcend disease while calculating infinity but it starts here with open ears and a heart that reflects only what it feels without the filters, the poisons, the haze it starts in living yer life for today one day you will reverse this plague freeing yer love from illusory chains by realizing yer gift is not evil in eye continue to color outside the lines project yer mind, don't dumb it down let yer simplicity be yer crown carry it with you through every door and you will win yer internal war
Track Name: Divisions
so you've got yer castle now that is the end? i swear to whatever you hold dear beyond all contempt that it won't be enough when the shit hits the fan and though you laughed at my paranoid rants I’ll still come back when you need a hand
Track Name: Stung
imagine you're always wrong and no turn is right imagine working all day and being robbed every night imagine a team that's only a team when you're at fault and under foot but not when the entire operation begins to fall apart imagine yer ignorance when yer only source of information is yer identity at every other gas station you are no one to everyone imagine the garbage they pump into you as you pump into tanks imagine taking blame for yer village idiot and still having to give him thanks
Track Name: Cities Again
woke up to a song familiar, incomplete rolled out of sleep into an even more surreal dream where I was freer to move and deeper to think but subject to the rule of someone else's being then from somewhere behind that infinitely illusive veil a man's voice rang out... said "life is so frail!" and he asked me for help with no service to offer, I led him to the trails the same that saved me from insanity then we walked down a road to a dirt path right into the cross-airs of man's loaded wrath he said he was scared, but his image was his job he was looking hard for something sound something to believe in it was his forgotten empathy that gave me to him then again I woke to a familiar face it had no voice but still spoke to me its vertical glance was trapped in the grass the kind you're told is greener on the other side then I heard a bark but only out of habit through the face in my window now fully lit it was on the outside wanting in so it could be appreciated again
Track Name: Hide And Seek
ou say that I'm not like you but you don't know yerself and now you'll never see it cause I broke the mirror on yer shelf and now we sing in circles because you forgot how to walk but it but that's ok cause you still run yer mouth
Track Name: Factor The Sky
the kingdom's rusted air led us to a series of stairs missing platforms and hand-rails five stories of curse and flail in the unfamiliar murk where asbestos lurked long before grain rot in prison cells business forgot we went on dodging man-holes to the next death-defying row of steps towards the sky a tunnel that led to light a ladder that led to the roof a poem read to set the mood a buzz felt to stop the cold an adventure that never got old wind assisted, the city won we said goodbye to the skyline our right to the throne was finally up so we took cover from the spot light all the way down to a black bridge from nightmares we had when we were just kids that's where i met the alpha male that won't shield you from hail cause when the storm comes he is the first to run run run run away (this is my ail – not indian pale, too cheap to afford anything more than stale carbs in my house of cards) leave me be, but leave behind the security of strength in numbers so that in place I may slumber as a drop out unaccepted by society's rejected who dropped out before, but to any deeper a level, any different a stage is frowned upon by the un and the non who never understand the things that I fail to force myself to see so clearly
Track Name: Refrain
you can't come to terms with age old mistakes lessons unlearned draining you numb well now you've got yer reason to play but you cant do it alone no you can't do it alone and the truth is hard to swallow so you wash the blue down now you are re-touring yer past, picking at old scabs and yer taking hostages for yer experiment like lab rats cause you cant do it alone no you can't do it alone and the truth is hard to swallow so you wash the blue down you can't do it alone but you cant do it with them but it doesn't matter anymore cause yer already dead
Track Name: Glen Henge
spinning backwards into puddles of piss after poisoning himself ax and sawless he digs and digs while the past trips a lunatic playing songs for kicks supervises from fallen forest debris the very reason we find this scene crawling out of mind an idea born to materialize the immortalization of previous generations though this is just a tribute to tribes longing to continue intuitive flows via positions known to hold significance and little bits of wisdom to uncover a treasure once discovered but lost to the time it served to define it's been several centuries since stone heads were planted tonight we burn plants and stone minds with antics as we ferment our wits in a confusing rage while lightning, thunder and rain mask the sounds of an alleged bike raid escape. return. to fly our final flag the fire no longer burned as we stood blinded by a flash we filled 6 out of 8 holes lacerating the sky above the plateau then finding ourselves in the center of a storm we ran for cover losing all form until reassembling under the pavilion flipping picnic tables to block the wind when we were done, so was the fight mission accomplished at least for tonight
Track Name: Beer City Thursdays
a bit too hoppy for me, Milwaukee but yer burritos make up for the difference in scene better than bitter American Bruce Lee strangling me, karate chopping fake enemies while a nose bleeds proof of my elitist tendencies all apologies numb now let's thrash together and stitch up the pieces of our night we still remember before the fog suffocated that canvas blank we roamed amidst its crawl down these dark streets and drank then back to the east overpopulated with bums screaming about liberation with freedom tying tongues we stumbled over our words, lost in the haze it was all just noise we heard, snarling sound waves as we wrote songs on paper to bury as mines but forgetting where we dug them, that was not our crime corners drenched in ammonia and booze was the charge for our night the state would choose against everything else until we didn't care to watch it chase its tail with nose in air running in circles and talking trash and we were accused of being rash? thursdays gone and so are we these are my fragments of pieces from beer city
Track Name: Charred, Drowned
body in the wall calls out for help as the moon fades like a burning wick guilt grasps my core and I shake with regret while the tombs dismantled brick by brick swept under the rug in our kitchen of denial beneath table clothes her corpse forces a smile I peeled at the covers, she struck at my throat clutching and clawing until I decided to go because springs leach secrets not deep enough for us no matter how you try it will never be enough because yer only hunted when you try to hide from future repetitions of past lies stuck in stone, clouds choke the sun a man beats a body bag at the intersection of eyes locked on mine and promises of death if I ever live to tell the tale of what was never said