I Hate This Dystopia

by idXed

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I Hate This Dystopia is a series of short and fast ripper tracks spliced just enough for an awkward edge of dissonance. In the vein of 80's hardcore, this album fronts an attitude of live-like aggression and relentless assault.


released January 23, 2011




idXed Albuquerque, New Mexico

Acoustichaos Forest Punk vs. Psychegrind Doomind

idXed // Idea Defined is a solo project based solely out of mind. Taking influence from trips to dreams, grind to trip hop, from poetry to paintings and noise to ambiance its aim is to be as free of form as it is strange in style. ... more

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Track Name: Desperate Attempt
cycles inspired through unity in tens
a mass undivided - no false pretense
from the eye of the storm an imp appeared
boasting foul art and instilling fear

portrayed as a joke the callous laugh out
never thinking to ask what its all about
skies open wide and the veil is dismantled
the room is cleared for issues unhandled
this is mind though it
is not mine but
if it is not
it may be mine

beyond the limits of comprehension
sterile eyes witness an abduction
curtains close and now alone
lets personify this broken home

stuttering wreck nervous and numb
stumbling over mysterious tongues
said figures of light flicker design
to infiltrate the mind by way of the eye
this is mine and it
is now mind but
if it is mine
it is not truly mind

a bridge now built between towering posts
and a ditch now dug even deeper below
the foundation is fluid - never the same
not glitch in this system's mainframe

portrayed as a play and now pleased to say
illusions of I were never innate
a glimpse of grey matter gave it away
so sulken soothsayers have led us astray
this is mind and it
is not mind
it is mine but it
is not mine
Track Name: Obe
a radiating light
from somewhere inside
will always cast a shadow
elsewhere in time

the disapproval of smiles
rippling through generations
along with fair words
read as demonstration

control yourself
pain then pleasure

a casted shadow
refuge in space
for those burnt
by what others illuminate

the wisdom of ages
leant to descendents
with the risk of

to the truth

a worthy scapegoat
for souls incapable
of being their own

accept your

suspended above
a dull massive hole
trapped just below
a star's vivd glow

absence of all
excess to some
teetering scope
a path to come

work towards balance
Track Name: What A Muse Meant
sudden detours and a lost tooth
sites with more dirt than wartime news
contrasting drapes red with alarm
a sign long ignored that caused real harm

motion carries more than heavy hands
but is only noted when particles crash
another stop for altering loads
plans undone times untold
through plastic panes actors learn
how to handle things out of turn
life runs longer than playful lies
every instant peels at the disguise

still puppets
come to life
and trace their strings
to where origins hide

raging in flames the games begin
with no agreement on how to win
circular tracks in two dimensions
points of no interest worth the mention
permeating all - keys to the gate
a symphony so grand delusion can wait
pixels and noise tuning to sense
common to nothing their resonance ends

born again to relive
the death of an agent
working towards freeing itself
from hitting the pavement

stillness reflects all
Track Name: Eye Fuct
surely did and now riddled with
more than the possibility of disease
dont mean to burst yer bubble
or rip on lifestyles of rubber
but no way im gonna believe
that i was even close to ever popping that cherry

what'd my cuz say? nothing i remember
cause all the blood from my brain
is whisking in my member
dont fake interest in the things that i say
i know what you want, dont patronize me

i once had a pearl with a beautiful shine
it slipped through my hands and shattered we divide
nights of immunity submerged in poison
into infinite pieces of extremely poor choices

blind-sided temptation and land mine traps
grease-filled mornings leave me feeling like crap
not in high school, never a tool, why'd i act like such a damn fool
when there's more at stake than missing out on being cool

there's no detox gonna cleanse me of all this
no fast long enough to purge these toxins
from 15 minutes of struggling to stay awake
trying to focus double vision twice the heart ache
Track Name: Cellars
watered down for a smooth taste
but stripped of all nutrition
apathy feeds a deadbeat
reason to end an expedition

the path is cleared no need for one
to tread upon unbroken ground
the law is here its will be done
listen to and bind the tongue

marketed as a foolproof way
to get down with the in crowd
sex appeal that's just unreal
smokescreens for hypocrisies abound

to glow in the eyes of those around
maintain stillness on the outside
keep inner workings behind a cloud
of faith in an invisible guide

a catalyst of untold depth
playing tricks impossible
days undone dreams become
lost inside a burnt hole
the sun it seems purges all filth
once the path is crossed
the joke may be on those who cheat
trusting in shortcuts

the end's always near one must submit
to greater causes then development
otherwise demonized left alone to die
because of prying, asking why

rapture now indefinitely
word is velvet to the blind
promises fine print withdraw
trapped inside a narrow line
Track Name: Denaturing Edge
two pyramids skewed perception at fault
follow dotted lines along a painted wall

from apex to depth, chair to bed
one may leave a body but never the head

suffocate to isolate
a journey for cover
impossible when applied
to ever discover

swim through a sea of glass shattered and scarred
only to return to the cave from which all things are

suffocate don't relocate
let matter sink down
to the lowest from the fry
fuel the cycle round and round
Track Name: Over Hills & Into Obstruction
don't assume revelations are eternal
every rapine argues for demurral

there's wisdom in a tree with no decorations
trivial ornaments serve only as poison
for years or eons relatively lost
imposed on by judgement - the highest cost

lying in ruins, this jungle still feeds
on seeds of inaction and invasive weeds

for obsession with mere tangible pride
flows become empty, desolate and dry
siphoning from mines so deep within
collapse the surface, the end begins

resting temple, rotting fangs
dance with creeping vines to songs of praise

from ashes dependent fiends have begun
thriving to breathe through foreign lungs
to feed on blood yet to have spilled
to occupy dreams still unfulfilled

every mass an anchor, a choking deadweight
bonding bodies prevent any soul escape

beasts unknown bearing fangs
creeping jungle feed on me

ancient world material decay
cleanse yourself of this disease
Track Name: Nocturne
in a castle of glass, explosions are enough
to agitate arrows red coughs combust
three walls once built from corners in the dark
piece by piece the facade falls apart

colony of captives in steel high rises
trading feudal bondage for their devices
a virus invented that infects the spirit
speaks only of freedom as corporate merit

thinning branches on an Earth of excess
lacerate cold skies, bleeding contepmt
starvation for farmers growing the food
vacation for players building their tombs

problems exist as the human condition
dwelling on them is taught through a system
dependent on negative loops deemed habit
which make mountains of the simplest matters

dormant drifters reforest dead sands
avoid first comforts to build fertile land
dynamics found only in nature seem
to rewire faulty circuitry

in a cave man-made from refuse and sweat
solutions are what good intentions beget
three walls built without corners in light
a trophy of seven generations overcoming blight
Track Name: Recurring Theme
dragging master pieces through the street
in front, a prison of memories
two kids are skating in seven degrees
not realizing the weight of their dreams

piss stains and tar
corrode the park
no room here for
young empty hearts

climbing in the dark
trying to catch up
but everyones behind
the starting line

there is a cage
it's been there for days
it locks up the games
we used to play

a gathering
from a dark alley
ran up on me
tearing the seams
Track Name: Vessel
bestial insect
teach your lost dialect
carving from the air
spirals of wondering stares

weightless and free
nothing to gravity
ambitions never sleep
nothing limiting

stable insider
learned designer
dance with the prairie
bath in tributaries

weightless and free
nothing to gravity
ambitions never sleep
nothing limiting

restless miner
breathe your fire
plant forever all
you aspire after
Track Name: Yellowstone Rivalry
these four walls turn into home
know the bears will arrive soon
on a quest for what again?
silence always answered best

panic is like a blanket in desert heat
sweating the body of everything it needs
the situation at hand
what does it demand?

integrate the wolf pack
but know hierarchies stab in the back
primary function to deceive
blind one to the nature of things

the river in this yard is now frozen
a bridge that cannot be burnt
lock the door dont let them in
or is it time for a life lesson?

tribe attacked leader maimed
this is the quest once made
find the tool utilize
lesson learned how to save a life
after the battle restore the throne
the kingdom moves on you're all alone
Track Name: Charred And Drowned
a body in the wall calls out for help
as the moon fades like a burning wick
guilt grasps my core and I shake with regret
while the tomb is dismantled brick by brick

springs leach secrets not deep enough for us
no matter how we try it will never be enough
because you're only hunted when you try to hide
from future repetitions of past lies

stuck in stone, clouds choke the sun
a man beats a body bag at the intersection of
eyes locked on mine and promises of death
if I ever live to tell the tale of what was never said

swept under the rug in our kitchen of denial
beneath table clothes a corpse forces a smile
I peeled at the covers, she struck at my throat
clutching and clawing until I decided to go
Track Name: Clarion Breach
victim to a lack of will
one time to avoid encounters still
passively take part in the
art of non-being

shell of a man serves as armor
ignorant to more than the laws of karma
effortlessly controlled by fears
enemy to this world of mirrors

dreams are ambitions
are shadows of dreams

fulcrum snap
looking back at figure and ground
what's a horizon when it's hard to tell
where one soars and where one drowns

ambitions are shadows
of dreams of themselves
Track Name: We Are Who We Are
restrictions are not definitions
and outlines aren't descriptions
the margins of space behind my face
sketch answers to endless expanse in place

we are who we are
don't ever compromise
or self yourself short
in others' eyes

this tree is just a tree
to a newly born child
but is anything else
to a man in denial

we are who we are
born without fallacy
we know what we know
simply, the tree is a tree

a soul imprisoned behind bars of flesh
never were we so empty
the horizon spreads in all directions
the first step is the one that sets us free

we are who we are
we know what we know
it is what it is
so let yourself go

it is what it is and
what it is, is what we know
we are who we are
so let yourself grow